When you’ve been in business for over 70 years, there is a lot of history that shapes the company.

Here are a few things you might find interesting about Pacific Floorcare®:

  • The company has always resided on the “West Coast” - founded in San Francisco on the Pacific ocean coastline and moved to Michigan’s West Coast on the shores of Lake Michigan
  • Tremendous backing and funding - Pacific Floorcare® is only one of the 6 successful companies owned by Hines Corporation
  • Pacific Floorcare® was the first to introduce dual-voltage AC/DC backpack vacuum, beltless manual sweepers, a spot and spill extractor with built-in dry, and “sweep and scrub” auto scrubbers
  • The company has acquired three product lines or brands over its history:  Steamex extractors, Silver Bullet propane burnishers and the Thoromatic brand - only extractors from Steamex and Thoromatic remain today
  • After the Hines Corporation purchase in 1985, the original founder and owner, Sam Robin, continued to represent Pacific Floorcare® in Northern California well into his eighties until 2005
  • The seven leaders or managers at Pacific Floorcare® have combined industry experience of over 150 years 


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