Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning Contractors

Building Service Contractors continue to grow in importance across many markets as companies and organizations outsource their cleaning duties. 

At Pacific Floorcare®, we focus primarily on the needs of local BSCs – these are small to medium cleaning contractors that serve on a more local basis.  

At Pacific Floorcare, we feel we are uniquely positioned to be a preferred supplier to local BSCs because we are like them – we are a locally owned company that can bring U.S. designed products to them at affordable prices.  We don’t have stockholders to answer to and we can ensure a value price-point rather than a premium price.

By being of the same breed, we know that the daily lives of local BSC owners, operations managers or crew leaders can be extremely challenging.  One minute you are serving a healthcare client and the next you are talking to a grocery store manager – to say the least, “trial by fire” is an understatement and it requires the right tools to do the job and ensure your customer’s satisfaction.  

Pacific Floorcare’s product line has key attributes that make the BSCs job easier while delivering a higher service level.  High filtration, low noise, superior cleaning performance and chemical-free finish removal (available on the S-Series scrubbers & FM-20ORB & FM-28ORB orbital floor machines) are just a few examples.

We invite you to review the entire Pacific Floorcare product portfolio, but here are some units that help BSCs retain current contracts and make them more competitive on new ones.

Hard Floor:

    •    S-Series Scrubbers
    •    FM-17 & FM-20 Floor Machines
    •    FM-20ORB & FM-28ORB Orbital Floor Machines
    •    B-1500 Burnisher
    •    FM-ME


    •    WAV-26
    •    WAV-30
    •    TE-12
    •    SCE-4

Want so see what the S-Series can do? Request a demo today and find out! 


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S-32 Disk Scrubber

Recently, a cleaning professional told us, “There is nothing worse than not having enough cleaning power and run time to do the job.”  We listened and developed the S-32 disk walk-behind auto scrubber with that idea in mind.

Of mid-size walk-behind scrubbers, the S-32 scrubber boasts up to 100% more horsepower and up to 67% higher RPMs than the competition; proving it is the cleaning tool that won’t let you down.   From unmatched cleaning specifications to industry-first technologies, the S-32 gets the job done – at a price you can afford.  These machines’ “get it done” features and options include:

  • Dual 1.0 HP (750 W) motors easily hold up to top-end down pressures of 150 lb (68 kg)
  • 300 rotational rpm brush speed – up to 67% faster than leading competition
  • BatteryShield® - the first integrated automatic wet battery protection system
  • 260 AH Wet Batteries – delivers max run times approaching 4 hours
  • TTS - industry-first tank treatment system keeps recovery tanks smelling fresh
  • HEPA Filtration & 65 dBA – combination delivers highest indoor environmental quality
  • On-board chemical dispensing – first chemical injection system to combine speed sensitive solution flow with “off the shelf” chemical containers

Although new, these machines instantly become the leaders in the mid-size walk-behind auto scrubber category.  Combining all these features with the most affordable prices in the category and simplest operation makes the S-32 a high value for you and your operations. 

See the Purpose Built® details for this Made in USA product below – you’ll be glad you did.

Want to know how much BatteryShield® can save you? 

Download the BatteryShield Savings Calculator and find out!

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FM-17 & FM-20 - 17” and 20” Single and Dual Speed Floor Machines

Rugged construction has been in Pacific's floor machine DNA since the company's origin.  With this heritage and experience as its foundation, Pacific's new line up also brings new ingenuities to the industry's most essential tool.  Pacific's new floor machines are Purpose Built® to be a step above the rest with key benefits like:

  • Industry's first safe start indicator - start up without worry of the machine "taking off"
  • Convenient and instant handle adjustment from the operator position - no knobs or awkward levers!
  • "Is it on?" noise level of less than 58 dBa - whisper quiet for anytime use
  • Safety interlock triggers with an additional upright lock-out - operates only when the operator is ready!
  • Rugged construction with heavy-duty 1.5 hp motor and 10-year base warranty

Assembled in the USA with care and intense quality inspection, these new floor machines will be a robust cleaning tool from day one through many years to come. The FM-17 and FM-20 - they are a high value for you and your operations.

See the Purpose Built® details below - you’ll be glad you did.

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FM-20ORB & FM-28ORB - 20" & 28" Orbital Floor Machines

The new orbital floor machines are powerhouses delivering the highest combination of down pressures and rpm in the industry - whether comparing machines with or without weight kits.  Then, add to its power features that increase health, safety and ease of use and you've got a Purpose Built® tool that can perform the toughest tasks anytime, anywhere.  You'll benefit from having features like:

  • Highest performance combining both top of class down pressures and 3,530 rpm pad speeds
  • Only high-speed orbital floor machine below 64 dBa - over 65% quieter than the nearest competitor!
  • Optional HEPA dust control system - unique design allows single cord operation
  • Convenient and instant handle adjustment from the operator position - no knobs or awkward levers!
  • Made in USA with a robust 3-year parts warranty (click here for full warranty details)

Pacific's orbital automatic scrubbers have become known as the industry's benchmark and these orbital floor machines have the power and features to do that as well.  Put the new benchmark FM-20ORB and FM-28ORB orbitals to work and they will be high value for you and your operations.

See the Purpose Built® details below - you'll be glad you did.

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WAV-26 - 26” Wide Area Upright Vacuum

The WAV-26 is the newest and most advanced 26” wide area upright vac in the industry. With this upright vacuum, Pacific Floorcare® ensured that you’d be equipped with latest features and specifications - many of which are unmatched in the industry:

  • Max productivity - 33% larger bag capacity than competitive 26" upright vacuums
  • Clean air & certified performance - HEPA filtration & CRI Certification
  • On-board tools with an extreme 15’ reach
  • Extended life due to dual motor protection, rotomold construction and crush-proof wheels

And, when you have the lowest sound levels in its class, it is purposely designed for “anytime” use. It’s a high value for you and your operations.

See the Purpose Built® details below - you’ll be glad you did.

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WAV-30 - 30” Wide Area Upright Vacuum

The WAV-30 brings unmatched value in the world of low profile wide area vacuums. When investigating vacuums in this class, you’ll find this is the most affordable combination of performance and convenience features on the market:

  • CRI Certified due to 2,500 rpm brush speed combined with high airflow from dual 1 hp vac motors
  • Unique standard tool set includes turbo head floor tool
  • "Live suspension" leads to optimal recovery on uneven floors
  • Ergo handle that folds flat for easy storage or transport

Make sure to include the Pacific Floorcare® WAV-30 in your search for a 30” wide area vac. When you do, be sure to look closely and you’ll see that it is a high value for you and your operations.

See the Purpose Built® details below - you’ll be glad you did.

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