BatteryShield® Automated Battery Protection System

Shield yourself from high battery costs.®

Available on Pacific Floorcare®'s new S-Series automatic scrubbers! 

  • Tired of unplanned wet battery replacement costs because batteries went un-watered?
  • Want insurance that your machine can only be run with properly watered batteries?
  • Want a fast, safe, foolproof method of battery watering?

If you answered yes to any one or all of these questions, BatteryShield is for you as it can literally save thousands of dollars in early, unplanned wet battery replacement costs!

BatteryShield is the first integrated automatic battery protection system of its kind in the commercial cleaning equipment industry.  This technology maximizes battery life by protecting batteries from low water levels - here is how it works:

  • Low wet battery water levels detected by special sensor
  • Sensor sends a signal to the machine
  • A control panel LED is illuminated signaling the operator
  • The machine's scrub brush motors are shut-down

The combination of the LED and the purposeful stop to the machine's cleaning functions will ensure that the operator returns to their storage area to water the batteries; thus ensuring that no harm can come to the batteries.

Additionally, the operator will perform the watering maintenance by using HydroLink®, the fastest, safest and most foolproof watering system available.

This system is worth the small investment even if it saves only one early battery pack replacement, but it is likely to save multiple packs for many customers!  See the BatteryShield Sell Sheet on the literature tab below for some case examples of the savings and ROI.

Shield yourself from high battery costs - you'll be glad you did. 

Want to know how much BatteryShield® can save you? 

Download the BatteryShield Savings Calculator and find out!


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