S-20 Orbital Scrubber

Top-in-class down pressure delivers unmatched chemical-free finish removal performance

All backed by the industry’s first and only 2-year/1,200 hour orbital scrub deck warranty!

Pacific Floorcare’s patented orbital scrubbing technology truly delineates itself with its chemical-free finish removal capabilities; delivering massive labor and material cost reductions and improved indoor air quality versus traditional stripping methods.  However, with the competitive orbital scrubbers on the market having extremely high costs of ownership due to frequent break-downs, limited warranty coverage or required service intervals to keep from voiding warranty coverage, a lot of those savings are given back.

Not anymore.  The new S-20 orbital scrubber from Pacific Floorcare® delivers on both fronts.  It has the highest down pressure in the 10-gallon (38-liter), 20-inch (510 mm) orbital category and is the only one protected by a comprehensive machine warranty and a 2-year / 1,200 hour isolator warranty (competitors call these “wear items”).  From unmatched cleaning specifications to industry-first technologies to industry-best warranty protection, the S-20 orbital gets the job done – at a price you can afford.  This machine’s “get it done” features and options include:

  • 75 & 100 lb (34 & 45 kg) down pressure – the top in the 10-gallon (38-liter), 20-inch (510 mm) orbital scrubber class
  • 2-year / 1,200 orbital isolator warranty
  • BatteryShield® - the first integrated automatic wet battery protection system
  • 155 AH Wet Batteries – delivers max run times up to 4 hours
  • 60 dBA – low, "whisper quiet" operation offers anytime cleaning
  • Optional HydroLink® single-point battery watering system

The S-20 orbital has instantly become the leader in 20-inch (510 mm) orbital scrubbers.  Combining all these features with the most affordable prices in the category and simplest operation makes the S-20 orbital a high value for you and your operations. 

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Watch the following video to see the S-20 scrubber’s top 10 Purpose Built® reasons why it is the best value in the market – you’ll be glad you did.

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Sell Sheet

S-Series Orbital Sell Sheet

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Operators Manual

Orbital Results Sheet

BatteryShield Cost Savings Calculator

Orbital Chemical-Free Finish Removal Savings Calculator

Features Specifications
Model: S-20 Orbital
Part Number(s): 855405 w/155AH batt & on-board chgr.
855406 w/140AH MF batt & on-board chgr.
855411 w/155AH batt & off-board chgr.
855412 w/140AH MF batt & off-board chgr.
855415 w/on-board chgr., no batt
Solution Delivery System
Solution capacity: 11 gal / 42 l
Solution control: 0-.5 gpm / 0-1.9 lpm
Variable, knob adjustment
Scrubbing System
Cleaning path: 20 in / 510 mm
Pad/brush size: (1) 20 x 14 in / 510 x 356 mm
Productivity (per hour)-Theoretical max: 23,800 ft2 / 2,211 m2
Productivity (per hour)-Average coverage rate:* 14,175 ft2 / 1,317 m2 (scrubbing)
9,000 ft
2 / 836 m2 (finish removal at 100 ft/min / 30 m/min)
Brush Drive System
Brush motor horsepower: 1 hp / 750 W
Brush rpm: 2,200 rpm
Brush/pad pressure: 75 & 100 lb / 34 & 45 kg
Brush/pad attachment/removal: Manual
Recovery System
Recovery tank accessibility: Full clean out access
Recovery tank capacity: 13 gal / 49 l (2 gal / 7.6 l demisting chamber)
Vacuum motor: .51 hp / 380 W, 2-stage
Vac motor cfm: 68 cfm / 1.9 cmm
Squeegee width: 30 in / 76 cm
Drive System
Drive Type: Traction
Motor horsepower: .25 hp / 187 W
Battery System
System voltage: 24 V
Battery amp hour rating: 155 AH (wet) / 140 AH (MF)
Battery run time: Up to 4 hours
Charger description: On-board (standard)
Off-board (optional)
Machine specifications
Product length: 45 in / 114 cm
Product width (without squeegee): 21 in / 53 cm
Product height: 43 in / 109 cm
Product weight (with batteries): 410 lb / 186 kg
Sound level (operator's ear): 60 dBA
Construction: Rotationally molded polyethylene tanks, powder coated steel frame
Rotationally-molded tanks: 10 years
Parts (excluding wear items): 3 years
Isolators: 2 years or 1,200 hours
Labor: 1 year
Optional Accessories
Available accessories: Pads-Case of 10, 20 x 14 in
855902 maroon, surface prep
855908 black, stripping
855906 purple, diamond clean/polish
855904 red, buffing & cleaning

BatteryShield Automated Wet Battery Protection System (applicable to 155AH battery packs only)

855007 HydroLink Battery Watering System (applicable to 155AH battery packs only)
*Productivity calculations utilize key factors from ISSA 540 cleaning times handbook
**Optional on disk units & standand on orbital units
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

S-20 Overview

S-20 Orbital Presentation

S-Series Operations

Pacific Floorcare BatteryShield

The S-20 orbital with a high-rpm orbital-motion head, is Purpose Built® for:

  • Daily scrubbing & project work (deep scrub or strip jobs) of smaller facilities
  • Dedicated facility or multi-facility route cleaning programs
  • Small rooms, detail & edge cleaning in larger facilities
  • Chemical-free finish removal!
  • Grout and porous floor scrubbing
  • Entry-ways & lobbies
  • Check-out aisles
  • Spill clean-up & water recovery

Review the Pacific Floorcare Auto Scrubber Selection Guide.







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